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A 6.5” stainless steel circle, neoprene, and magnets create a water-tight seal over open holes on the roof of the tank. Place these over open cathodic protection holes until the opening can be welded at a future date. 

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Estech CathPlates are designed to meet the surface sealing requirements of what was once a cathodic protection system on a water tower. Once a cathodic protection system has been removed from a water tower, several holes remain on the roof of the water tower. These remaining cathodic protection holes allow environmental containments to enter into our potable water. Estech CathPlates offer a permanent, cost affordable, water-tight, and non-porous solution to closing cathodic holes on water towers. Each CathPlate pulls approximately 240 lbs of force from our high strength magnets while our neoprene seal prevents contaminates from entering into the water tower. Contact us to find out more information and pricing.